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Geoff Franklin
Owner | Director | Cinematographer

I am a filmmaker, father, golfer, amateur woodworker, and head chef of taco night at our house. I believe we are here to serve others, and the way I serve is making films to honor the work of talented people. am committed to my craft of filmmaking and I work to honor others and showcase their craft in my work.

My background is in documentary, filming The Other F Word (2011), Play It Forward (2015), Tiny Shoulders, Rethinking Barbie (2018), and Cowboy & The Queen (2023). My documentary background influences my approach, with an emphasis on authenticity and craftsmanship.

The best thing about starting Be Film is the people I get to work with. Our team is so incredibly talented and kind, and our long-term clients and partners are the best in the business.


I live in Westlake Village, CA with my wife Kelly and our two sons Calvin & Chase.

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Adam Lippert
Producer | Editor | Post-Production Supervisor

Adam is a filmmaker from Idaho who found his way to Los Angeles by working on film sets and living off craft services. 


Over the past 10 years Adam has honed his skills in cinematography, editing, and producing. All of this work has led him to Be Film where he oversees the post production process and gets to work alongside the best team he could ask for.


In his free time, Adam enjoys teaching his daughter sword fighting techniques, swimming with his dogs, and watching entire television series with this wife. 


Adam’s favorite conversation starter is “What are you watching?”

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Joe Eskanos
Editor | AC 

Joe is a filmmaker with a passion for telling unique and creative stories. This led him right to Be Film where there is always an amazing story to be told. 


Joe has a bachelor’s in film production and has professional experience in video editing and on-set work for films, documentaries and commercials. He is always looking forward to the next exciting project and loves being part of the incredibly talented Be Film team. 


In his spare time, Joe can be found playing hockey, watching football or re-watching The Office. He’s often defending his favorite team the San Jose Sharks from local LA Kings fans. 

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